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SPE and APL: Focus on Connectivity 4.0

The future of industrial communication is being defined today. Be a part of it and join the discussion in our LinkedIn group!


Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and Advanced Physical Layer (APL)

Communication and power supply over one line. More power, higher data rates and, with APL, high bandwidths in hazardous areas  — that's what the industrial communication standards of the future promise.

SPE and APL will shape the future of industrial communication. The exact form this will take is currently being discussed and defined in the development departments of automation and connectivity companies. We would like to invite you to help shape the technology and to talk to us about your requirements and our solution offerings. What expectations, hopes and wishes do you associate with a new connectivity standard for the industry? Let us know and join our LinkedIn group "Single Pair Ethernet in Focus". Our experts look forward to exchanging ideas with you. 

We need to talk — about these topics


SPE/APL promise smart connectivity for sensors and actuators. But should every device be smart? Will the simple switch without intelligence survive in the long term? And what will happen to classic Ethernet and IO-Link when SPE becomes established? Do you share with us your expectations for SPE in terms of smart sensors and actuators?



SPE and APL will revolutionize connectivity and related infrastructure. But how does the unification of communication and supply lines affect infrastructure devices such as managed switches or power supplies. What are your expectations for SPE/APL in this context?



Every technology has its limits—so have SPE and APL. Share with us your expectations regarding the new communication standard in terms of reach, power, and other technology restrictions.



Integration of power and data transmission over one line is attractive. But it gets complicated when it comes to safety signals. What are your expectations regarding a safe SPE and APL communication?


Our Experts

Aurel Buda

"Many applications will be even easier to implement with SPE than with IO-Link and standard Ethernet." 

Aurel Buda is head of product management fieldbus technology at Turck. From his time as a member of staff at the Laboratory for Software Engineering and Computer Networks at Bochum University of Applied Sciences, he is familiar with both the theoretical discourse around Industrial Ethernet and the practical challenges faced by users and manufacturers. 

Sai Seidel-Sridhavan

"SPE opens up new ways of end-to-end communication from the sensor to the cloud and back." 

Sai Seidel-Sridhavan is Manager Product Marketing at Turck. As IO-Link expert, he is aware of the opportunities and challenges involved in establishing a cross-vendor communication standard.

Jorge Garcia

"APL promises to be the ultimate problem solver for the challenges of Process Automation 4.0." 

Jorge Garcia is Product Manager for fieldbus technology in process automation at Turck. With over 20 years of experience in development and customer projects at Turck, he has seen some fieldbusses come and go in the process industry.

Single Pair Ethernet and Advanced Physical Layer

Two standards that have the potential to shape a new era of industrial communication, transcending known limitations. Let us shape this era together.


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