Decentralized Automation in Ex Areas

The Ex approval of the IP67 I/O series TBEN-S and TBEN-L enables us to implement more decentralized solutions throughout, even in Ex environments

The benefits of decentralized automation are winning over more and more users in machine and plant construction. Decentralized solutions offer advantages in terms of flexibility and time-to-market, especially in the design and engineering of modular machine concepts, thanks to factory acceptance tests in standalone mode. The benefits can now also be reaped in Ex areas. 

Connecting intrinsically safe signals in Zone 2 without a cabinet

Turck offers an integrated IP67 system for intrinsically safe signals from Ex areas, with users who need to connect a smaller number of signals using the IP67 isolating transducers and isolating switching amplifiers in the IMC product series.

Your Benefits

  • Time-saving as it can be used directly in the field without protective housing
  • High level of safety thanks to mounting in Zone 2 in the immediate vicinity of machines or plants
  • Simple and failsafe wiring via M12 connection
  • The only integrated IP67 solution for Ex areas on the market

  • Decentralized connection of dual sensor signals from Zone 0/1 

  • Pigging systems for separation can be decentralized automated without the need for a control cabinet

  • Working in Ex areas without a control cabinet: Decentralized automation infrastructure up to Zone 0/1

The connection can be made directly to a TBEN I/O station via ready-made cables with M12 connectors. This ensures a simple and safe connection, even under harsh operating conditions. Intrinsically safe signals are usually transmitted from Ex Zone 0 or 1. The IMC modules can be mounted directly in Zone 2 so as to enable installation at machine or plant level. This reduces the distance to the Ex equipment and therefore the negative influence of the cabling on the Ex circuit calculation.

Complete IIoT ecosystem for Zone 2

As almost the entire IIoT ecosystem is offered in TBEN-L and TBEN-S designs, users can also implement safety, RFID, IO-Link or control solutions (even including cloud connection) directly in Zone 2 without a control cabinet. To use the I/O solutions in Zone 2, users must also mount protective housings TBSG-L, TBSG-S or IMC-SG. These protect against impacts and sparks caused by unintended detachment of the cables. FM approved applications may also be run without the housings. 

Decentralized control of Ex applications  

With the ARGEE logic software on the TBEN modules, applications can be independently controlled directly in Zone 2. This is particularly useful for retrofit applications, as existing control systems do not have to be adjusted. Condition monitoring and data analysis via cloud systems are now also possible from Zone 2 without a control cabinet.

excom remote I/O for high-availability plants

The high-availability I/O system excom is well suited to applications with a large number of input and output signals, for example in large chemical or petrochemical plants. The remote I/O station is installed at plant level in a safe on-site protective box with protection class IP67.

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