High-Speed 2D Barcode Inspection

In the health and supplement industry, it is vital for products to have the correct labels since they list important information on dosage, warnings and ingredients. Ensuring the correct label is on the correct product helps avoid product waste and safety issues. 

Banner Engineering’s iVu Plus BCR Gen 2 with remote display offers an easy to use solution for reading barcodes to ensure correct labels have been applied.


  • Ensures the product meets industry requirements without slowing the production.
  • Remote display enables easy setup and monitoring.

  • High-Speed 2D Barcode Inspection with Banner's iVu BCR Gen 2

The iVu Plus BCR Gen 2 models provide both a fine mode, for reading smaller barcodes that require full resolution, and coarse mode, for applications where speed is critical. Vitamin C supplement bottles come down the line at a fast pace, so the coarse mode option provides a higher speed barcode reading capability to keep up with the bottles and ensure the correct label is applied.

It reads a wide variety of barcodes, including 2D barcodes on health packages. The package consists of sensor, lighting, lens and display. Cables and mounting brackets can be ordered for each application. Additionally, other lenses, filters and external lights are available. Installation, setup and configuration can be done quickly without requiring a PC.

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