Reliable Cap Orientation Verification in Aseptic Areas

As plastic or aluminum caps exit a vibratory feeder bowl onto a conveyor, they must be inspected for proper orientation before moving on to the filling and closure process.

It is critical to ensure caps are oriented properly to prevent any issues that might lead to loss of material. A reliable sensor that can withstand aggressive washdown and chemical procedures is needed in pharmaceutical and similar environments.

Banner Engineering’s Q4X laser sensor, made of 316L grade stainless steel, is very suitable for pharmaceutical environments and other aseptic filling areas. The Q4X has a sensing range of 25 to 300 mm, precise beam spot size and can effectively detect the orientation of caps as they exit a feeder bowl.


  • Reduces waste and maintenance costs by ensuring the correct cap orientation.
  • 316L grade stainless steel to withstand aggressive washdown and chemical procedures.
  • Detects height eliminating the need to adjust for diferent cap colours.

  • Cap Orientation Verification with Banner's Q4X Laser Sensor

If any caps are upside down, the Q4X will detect a height difference and reject the cap. The Q4X can reliably perform this verification even if the caps or the cap lining material has varying colors and reflectivity.

By using foreground suppression light operate, Banner's Q4X easily detects the orientation of the caps. Programming the sensor and monitoring its status are enhanced by a four-digit display that provides clear user feedback. The three tactile buttons provides an easy way to navigate through the sensor’s setup menu.

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