Paint Shop – End-to-end Identification of Skids

RFID systems withstand extreme temperatures throughout the process

With many different car model configurations in use, manufacturers require consistent tracking of vehicles from chassis construction and painting to final assembly. 

Turck offers high-resistance RFID systems for the reliable identification of skids in painting systems. The custom high-temperature data carriers are resistant to the aggressive chemicals in dip tanks, as well as to the high temperatures in drying ovens. Wide-range UHF systems are indicated where the data carriers are required to remain on the component. 

Turck also offers specific solutions for painting systems for the automotive industry. 

Your Benefits

  • The high-temperature RFID data carriers remain firmly attached to the skid during the entire production process
  • The data carriers withstand temperatures up to 230°C and go through the entire painting process, which means that handover errors are eliminated completely


  • The data carrier on the skid withstands all production steps in the paint shop

  • Reading in passing – on the fly

  • Q300 read/write head for ultra-high frequency RFID (UHF)

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