Monitoring of Paper Presses by I/O Solution

Packaging manufacturer DS Smith monitors its paper presses at its Erlensee plant with an intelligent I/O solution from Turck

DS Smith is one of the leading manufacturers of customized packaging and displays using corrugated board as a base material. The company has up to now been monitoring manually the output of its paper presses in the Erlensee plant near Hanau. A complete solution now automatically provides employees with information from laser sensors and an intelligent I/O module about when the bales from the two paper presses have reached the maximum limit and have to be moved away. This saves a lot of time since employees no longer have to continually check progress in the neighboring hall. Turck’s TBEN-S compact I/O module with the ARGEE integrated field logic controller operates here as a stand-alone controller – directly in the field, without the need for a control cabinet.

  • The “Balemaster” at the Erlensee plant of DS Smith shreds paper and compresses it into two meter cubes

  • The LTF12 laser sensor monitors the output of the paper bales and triggers a signal to the TBEN-S

  • The TBEN-S block I/O module with ARGEE controls the application directly in the field

  • The TL50C signal light indicates the status of the “Balemaster” to the employees in the adjoining hall

  • Philipp Freppon (l.) and Manfred Ernst are impressed by Turck’s cabinet-free complete solution

DS Smith, one of the leading manufacturers of customized packaging and displays in Europe, is preparing its reject material for recycling at the factory. Offcuts and faulty packaging are shredded in a waste press, compressed into cubes and transferred into the storage room. So far, the only thing missing was a feedback signal from the press. It was always necessary for an employee to stop working and check the progress of the machine.

Basic light sensor not enough

To prevent this, a system had to be used that would provide information on the progress of the bales. In order to ensure a correct switchoff, a sensor was needed that not only supplied switching information but also measured the distance, so that it would only switch within a specified switching distance window. However, passing colleagues and employees who are removing bales with a fork lift truck would also be detected by the sensor. Added to this is the fact that structural factors prevented the sensor from being mounted at the side since the wall required for this had a rolling door. Simple light sensors, light switches or a photoelectric sensor were therefore unsuitable for the requirements at DS Smith.

Decentralized intelligence without a control cabinet

Manfred Ernst, specialist automation consultant at Sonepar, recommended a measuring laser sensor, which, in combination with a compact controller, could evaluate the data and trigger an appropriate signal. Ernst had already got to know Turck’s I/O modules with the ARGEE integrated programming environment and tested it at the customer’s site.

When the LTF12 laser sensor with the connected TBEN-S was tested in the Erlensee plant, Philipp Freppon, employee responsible for maintenance at DS Smith, was greatly impressed: “At first I thought I needed a control cabinet as well as the sensor. However, we then came upon the TBEN-S module with ARGEE. This fitted perfectly straightaway. It is compact, fits everywhere and offers very good protection to IP67, thus eliminating the need for a control cabinet.”

Intuitive programming in an instant

The timer was programmed via ARGEE likewise as a condition. Freppon selected a factor here of 45 seconds. This time factor prevents error messages caused by people in the light beam or passing fork lift trucks. TL50 LED traffic light outside of the hall indicates the status of the machine at any time. This enables employees to carry out their work and only requires them to intervene when the signal is activated. These settings also offer additional safety.

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