Securing Hose Connections for Preliminary Products

The checking of connections prevents the incorrect filling of tanks in pharma production

In the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry, the safety of personnel and the prevention of manipulation and errors play a significant role. To achieve these goals, a digital solution for increasing corrective and preventive action (CAPA) in accordance with ICH Q10 guidelines is an effective answer. These measures ensure that companies implement effective and efficient quality controls and processes to produce safe, consistent pharmaceutical products.


  • The protection of hose connections using identification with the BL ident RFID system increases production safety and the protection of personnel.
  • HF RFID tags can be integrated and rotated freely at the process connection

  • The hose connections increasing production safety and reduces possible safety risks of personnel

  • The tag automatically positions itself in front of the read/write head

  • TNSLR-Q42TWD-H1147 read/write head

  • The tag is integrated in the freely rotatable metal part

RFID control to secure hose connections

Large hose connections such as tank connections can be checked with RFID technology. For this purpose, a freely rotatable metal component with an integrated tag is provided at the end of the hose. This metal part can be rotated freely around the hose thus ensuring easy rotary movement on connection. When the hose is connected to the process, gravity ensures that the tag always hangs downward and is thus positioned in front of the read/write head. The allocation of the connection is therefore checked, thus preventing the filling of a tank with the wrong medium.

Work safety

The digital monitoring of the hose connections reduces any possible safety risks. The RFID system enables manipulation-proof control of  the connections. It detects missing or incorrect connections and ensures that the process connection is secure and correct. This is particularly important in order to prevent accidents and hazardous situations that may result from incorrectly connected hoses. The safety of employees is still ensured during maintenance and service work by the precise monitoring of connections.

Application-specific RFID tags

Different tag types adapted to specific application requirements are available, including a glass variant. RFID tags can also be embedded directly in a metal cap or attached with a clip.

Data transfer via multiprotocol Ethernet

The modular BL20 system modular can be installed in Zone 2/22 and can process other information in addition to identifying hoses, such as socket, data, time or the degree of tube contamination. Turck's multiprotocol technology allows data to be transferred to the control system via three different Ethernet protocols – Profinet, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP.

Consistent quality 

The reproducibility of product quality is an essential aspect in pharmaceutical production. By digitally recording production data as part of the CAPA measures, individual production steps can be tracked precisely. This makes it possible to produce complete documentation so that possible quality deviations can be detected and corrected at an early stage. Manipulation-proof identification of preliminary and intermediate products helps ensure that the right materials are used in the right process step, thus ensuring the quality of the end products.

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