High-precision detection of Part Identifiers

Combine the Match inspection of an iVu Series sensor with On-Axis vision lighting – for a precise check of identifier information on electronic components

Part identifier information is laser-etched onto electronic components to ensure that the correct parts are being used in assembly. However, improper lighting can make it challenging for a sensor to reliably inspect components. 

On-axis light enables increased sensor performance

Banner Engineering’s solution to this challenge is an iVu Series sensor configured specifically for a Match inspection. For reference, a “good” identifier is taught into the sensor. When in operation, the sensor reliably detects when an electronic component lacks the correct “good” identifier. The sensor sends a fail signal to the line, and the part gets rejected. 


Your Benefits

  • Reliable detection and verification of identifier etching
  • Easy sensor setup and programming with a PC or an integrated or remote touchscreen
  • Reduce costly downtime by changing parameters on the fly with full runtime editing

  • Diffused on-axis illumination for challenging vision sensing applications

  • The iVu Plus sensor comes with three integrated operating modes

It’s always important to have the correct lighting in your workspace—but it is paramount to any successful vision inspection. In this case, the optimal device is an on-axis light, which shines light evenly on flat components, ensuring that the laser etching is distinct and can easily be read by the sensor. 

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